We invite you to our hotel with home feeling
    Be part of our Legends

    If you honor authenticity over pretentious
    If you prefer local contact more than predictable service
    If you are looking to connect not connectivity
    If you prefer personalization over ostentation
    If you seek local flavours cooked with love
    Tierra de Leyendas is the place for your stay at the end of the world

    We have created, your home away from home, and we love to share our knowledge and experience from our native land


    Your place at the end of the world to live an authentic experience of Southern Patagonia.
    Tierra de Leyendas is not just a hotel, it is local encounter with the owners who will take care of every detail during your stay.  Our purpose is to create unforgettable memories

    To provide our exclusive and dedicated service to our guests, the hotel doors are always closed, creating a true home feeling.

    Every detail that you will find at our house, from paintings to decorations were hand made by the owner, Maia and recognized local artists. Our décor is specially thought to discover our historical heritage, flora and fauna of South Patagonia.

    As part of our Legends, Sebastian chef & owner showcase the Best local flavors, making an unforgettable gastronomic journey

    The Owners

    Pioneers of this land

    Our family is composed by Maia & Sebas, and their three daughters. The 18 years old twins, Mora & Avril, and the little one Gemma of 14 years old. Maia is descendant of early settlers in Ushuaia. We are dedicated to a high level of tourist service, with a degree in Tourism & Gastronomy, and more than 25 years of hotel experience. We attend you personally to make sure you will want to come back and again.

    María Paz Muriel - Maia -
    Sebastián García Cosoleto - Sebas -

    Eco Hotel

    Maia and her volunteer work 

    Raise awareness about Plastic Pollution at the end of the world.

    Founder and reference of the environmental movement “A Limpiar Ushuaia”. They promote the Circular Economy, carry out Cleaning campaigns; Environmental Education, author of three ordinances approved against plastic pollution. (Ushuaia free of disposables for consumption inside the premises, prohibition of the sale of single-use plastic swabs and environmental awareness program for cigarette butts).

    Some information about their environmental work in society:

    Environmental Recognition granted by the Senate of the Argentine Nation “Berta Cáceres”  for her participation in defense of Good Living in Clean Up Ushuaia.

    Certification in Environmentally Sustainable Hospitality – Ecoturismo Argentina

    Certification in Sustainable Tourism Diploma – University of Salamanca

    Invited to several talks on plastic pollution. National Congress & Municipality of Ushuaia. Deliberative Council of Belle Ville Córdoba (2019) and Merlo San Luis (2021), among others.

    Teacher of the Hotel Management career with sustainability projects.

    Environmental photographer.

    Declaration of Provincial and Cultural Interest for a Limpiar Ushuaia movement

    Declaration of Municipal Interest for the #MarzosinColillas Campaign.

    Speaker at the Bolivia International Sustainable Tourism Forum (2023)

    Speaker at the Jujuy Sustainable Tourism Forum (2024)


    Sebas and his care of the environment inside the hotel

    Local gastronomy oriented to the Slow Food movement. It promotes the pleasure of eating slowly, enjoying flavors and aromas, and focuses its efforts on the use of organic foods, defending biodiversity, sustainable and responsible consumption with producers, safeguarding the gastronomic culture of the place.

    Carry out the Hotel’s organic Greenhouse

    Responsibility for the reduction of single-use plastics in Gastronomy.

    Promotes zero-waste gastronomy. To achieve this, all production is done at the moment, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

    All organic kitchen waste is composted, which is then used in our organic garden. Elimination of any product that is harmful to the environment and that does not comply with the corresponding health measures, such as the case of Pink Salmon from Salmon Farms in Chilean Patagonia.

    It is responsible for responsible purchasing and fair trade, so that the inputs we acquire or the services we contract are aimed at generating a positive social and environmental impact.

    Incorporate traditional dishes into the hotel gastronomic offer